Area 51 Confirms Vehicle Not Made On Earth

Extra Terrestrial Activity Among Us

At this point in 2020 nothing surprises me, there will be many movies and documentaries made about this year. In the midst of all the chaos, Area 51 quietly announced that they have recovered โ€œoff-world vehicles not made on this earth”. Excuse me? So you’re telling me that all in a span of five months there has been a global pandemic that shut down the world, protests, and riots burning down the cities, murder hornets, the uncovering of a massive child sex ring that potentially involves all of Hollywood and our politicians, and now Aliens? You can’t make this shit up.

Why Is This Not Being Talked About?

You would think that this would be front-page news, but it isn’t. Area 51 didn’t come out and say the word Alien, but what else does “not made on this earth” mean? Included in the released Area 51 info was mentions of materials whose source couldn’t be concluded. Meaning these materials are something we couldn’t have made ourselves. Joe Rogan recently had George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell on the JRE podcast. The three dive into UFO’s, Bob Lazar, and more. Fitting timing seeing how the news from Area 51 came out days later. If you have seen the movie Independence day or any of the Men In Black films, then you know that there is only one person who can save us.

Will they come in peace or come to take over? Honestly, they have probably have been here for centuries and we never knew it. If they wanted to wipe us off the planet then they could probably do it in a heartbeat. 2020 clearly has no intentions of slowing down, so buckle up and hold on.

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