Are These NBA Finals Tainted?

The NBA Finals tip-off tonight, we will see the Lakers led by LeBron James take on the Heat led by Jimmy Butler. There has been some chatter going around recently, so there is a question that needs to be asked. Are these NBA finals tainted? We all understand the circumstances that took place which led to the need for a “bubble” for the teams.

“It’s Not NBA Basketball, It’s Pickup” – Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen has made waves in the media after saying we are just watching pickup basketball. What we have been witnessing is not NBA basketball, says Pippen. I personally couldn’t disagree more, the level of competition has been top-notch. I think it’s extremely disrespectful for Pippen to try to discredit what the players have been doing. Clearly, he knows that the country was in the midst of a pandemic, yet the players put all of that aside and left their families to come to finish the season. You can be one of the greatest players of all time and still be a moron.

Are These NBA Finals Tainted?

The answer is no, it’s not. This is just as much of a legitimate championship series as any before it. You have the best team from the West and the best team from the East about to face off. The LeBron haters will try to put an asterisk by this championship if he wins, but wouldn’t have if he lost the Western Conference Finals to the Nuggets. The fact of the matter is, there was an even playing field for everyone. It was obviously different circumstances than normal but there was no advantage. So sit back and enjoy this series because it will surely be exciting, does LeBron get his 4th ring?

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