Alvin Kamara is on a Record-Setting Pace

We are a quarter of the way through the 2020 NFL season and Alvin Kamara is on a record-setting pace. The widely popular all-purpose back has 7 touchdowns through 4 games. This means he is on pace for a whopping 28 touchdowns, which would shatter the franchise record of 18 touchdowns set by Dalton Hilliard.

Can He Keep This Up?

The big question is if Kamara will be able to stay on this record-setting pace. Well if you ask the man himself, he believes that he can. It is hard to argue otherwise at the moment. We are seeing Kamara average almost 5 yards a carry and 10 yards per reception. Michael Thomas should return this week so that will undoubtedly take a few touches away from Alvin. Although I don’t see any reason that he can’t keep up this pace, he has looked incredible so far. He was clearly playing hurt last season, he looks much more explosive and dynamic. I still find it hilarious that there are still at home coaches trying to say he isn’t worth his contract. So Alvin Kamara is on a record-setting pace and the Saints got a big win in Detroit on Sunday. We are about to get healthier ahead of their game against the Chargers. Time for our usual October push, Who Dat?!

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