Alvin Gentry, You’re Fired!

Alvin Gentry, You're Fired

“Alvin Gentry, you’re fired!”. These are the words every Pelicans fan wishes to hear after tonight’s game against the Magic. The Pelicans have had their bags packed since Sunday and they’re ready to go home. Eliminated from post season contention, our best three players, Zion Williamson, Jrue Holiday and Brandon Ingram, won’t be playing tonight. This is great for ratings! President Trump would be so disappointed. If President Trump were in David Griffin’s shoes, he would say, “We’re maybe probably thinking we’re going to fire Alvin. Believe me, he’s a loser and a moron. Unlike my ratings, his ratings are terrible. I think he might be a democrat.”

Where’s Monty Williams?

All Jokes aside, why’d we Fire Monty Williams? Because Dell Demps is a dipshit, that’s why. It only took the Pelicans four years to realize they fired the wrong guy. Monty Williams is now the head coach of the Phoenix Suns, who are 7-0 in the bubble. The Suns are on the brink of making the playoffs. Nobody in their right mind thought the Suns had a chance to make the playoffs. Many people questioned their invitation to the bubble. Phoenix is now one win away, and a loss from either the Blazers or the Grizzlies, from grabbing the ninth seed and having a chance of getting in the playoffs. If the Grizzlies and Blazers both lose and the Suns win, then the Suns will get the eighth seed.

“Alvin Gentry, You’re Fired!”

I’ve never heard anyone say, “That was a good job coaching by Alvin Gentry”. In five seasons as the Pelicans head coach, Gentry sucked! We only had one season with a winning record and that was the only year we made the playoffs. What shouldn’t go unmentioned is Rajon Rondo’s leadership that season, especially in crucial situations. Rondo was the guy rallying the team on and off the court. He lit the fire that brought the team together. This is something that Alvin Gentry could never do. Without Rondo, Gentry looked lost the past two seasons. Gentry lacks leadership and he is not a winner. Enough with the excuses. Alvin Gentry, you’re fired!

It is rumored that the Pelicans could be looking at Ty Lue or Jason Kidd as possible head coach candidates. If Alvin Gentry is fired, who would you like to see the Pelicans hire as their new head coach?

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