Alvin Gentry Out in New Orleans

alvin gentry

Well Pelicans fans, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. After five seasons, Alvin Gentry has been officially dismissed as head coach for the New Orleans Pelicans. David Griffin released a statement saying, “These types of moves are often about fit and timing, and we believe now is the right time to make this change and bring in a new voice,”. Ms. Benson also weighed in on Gentry’s departure by focusing on the future, “Our intention moving forward is to find the right head coach that will guide this Pelicans team to compete for championships. That is what our fans deserve,”. While we can all agree this is the right move and one that a lot of fans think is long overdue, Gentry is a good man who did his best to to put the Pels in a position to win during a fairly tumultuous period in the franchise. We wish coach Gentry well in his future endeavors as we always do in New Orleans. Except Anthony Davis, I hope you never win another game AD. But now is the time for the Pelicans to make sure they have a solid plan for what comes next.

Looking Towards the Future

While I am certainly onboard with the release of Alvin Gentry. It will be all for nothing if the Pelicans don’t get the right coach in here to develop this team. They need a coach who will help them take that leap from talented team to a real contender like they are certainly capable of. Per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Ty Lue and Jason Kidd are two names being seriously considered to replace Gentry. I’ve also seen some fans suggesting Mike D’Antoni on Social Media. In my opinion our best bet here is Jason Kidd.

Why J. Kidd is the Best Fit

He’s had a slightly checkered past as a coach, but I believe that as a fairly young coach who played not that long ago he can relate to our young roster and help us come together and develop as a team. He is also someone that I believe can really help Lonzo Ball reach his full potential. As a young player he really reminds me a lot of Lonzo with his style as ball handler and his shooting ability. Over his career Kidd was able to improve as a shooter. This is something Lonzo has been working hard on in the past year. Kidd also knows what it takes to win a championship in this league, winning one in his time with Mavs over Lebron’s Heat.

Regardless of who we pick, this is still the right decision by the franchise. This is something that should give disappointed Pelicans fans something to look forward to and hope for their future. Until then we will wait to see the direction the team decides to this offseason.

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