Adam Trautman A Black and Gold Kittle?

New Orleans' Draft Class

Will Adam Trautman be a Black and Gold Kittle? In a recent interview with the New Orleans Saints media, Saints Tight End Coach Dan Campbell explained that in the draft process Adam Trautman viewed himself as none other than Mr. Do it all George Kittle. Adam Trautman was originally projected to go in the 2nd round being considered by many as the TE1. In an unexpected move, Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis traded up and with the 105th pick, snagged the Dayton Flyer.

The Saints have been missing a great tight end. Jared Cook is a stud, no doubt. However, he is getting older and is injury prone. Not to mention, he will be too expensive to keep long term. Trautman has the football IQ of a quarterback. Solid speed of 4.8 in a 40-yard dash and great size at 6’5 253lbs with a desire to finish blocks. This man is a wet dream for Sean and Drew.

Think back to the last time we had a fearsome tight end? Jimmy Graham back in 2013 was a freaking monster! Being able to spread the ball makes us unstoppable. Now with a tight end who is phenomenal out running routes and blocking, we will be unstoppable. Look back to that San Fran game last year, we were looking great in the beginning. Jared Cook was lighting it up! Then he went down with the concussion because of that slap dick with the helmet to helmet hit. I am telling you Who Dats, it’s our year. I feel it. 88 days and counting!!

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