4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

The time is now, independence day, where we celebrate the birth of the greatest nation on the planet. How do we celebrate? A 4th of July hot dog eating contest. In the most American way possible, we have some of the best eaters in the world eat copious amounts of hot dogs in the most gluttonous contest in the world. So grab your favorite cut off tee-shirt and crack a Budweiser while Joey Chestnut tries to eat 70+ hotdogs.

Nathan’s Famous

The contest takes place in New York at Coney Island. Here is where we witness arteries clogging and stomachs turning. Joey Chestnut is the far and away favorite to win this contest again. You will have to bet $1,000 to win $100. You could always bet on the field which would pay +550, but Joey is such a machine that it would be a waste. The main number in question here is 72 1/2. That is the over/under on the number of hot dogs eaten by the winner. Joey says to hammer the over so that is what we will do. The man is a 12-time winner, he is up there with the likes of Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps. The rivalry of Chestnut and Kobayashi is one for the ages, a star was born in 2007.

TNG Hot Dog Eating Contest?

Yep! The Neutral Ground Sports Network will be hosting our very own 4th of July hot dog eating contest on the 4th. A cash prize to the winner and first-year bragging rights. Only one person will be able to say they won the first-ever TNG hot dog eating contest. We will be filming the entire thing and posting the video as soon as possible, stay tuned.

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