2021 Pro Bowl Will Be Held In Las Vegas

Raider Stadium In Las Vegas

The NFL announced Tuesday, that the 2021 Pro Bowl will be hosted by none other than Las Vegas. This comes as no surprise as the NFL has already announced their plan to hold the 2022 draft in Vegas as well. The Raiders have moved from Oakland to Vegas and have built and a brand spanking new stadium. I will be the first to tell you that this stadium looks incredible. Nicknamed the Death Star, and decked out in Raider black. This will be a perfect venue for the 2021 Pro Bowl.

Football And Gambling: A Match Made In Heaven

This is uncharted territory for the NFL. The last four Pro Bowl’s have been held in Orlando Florida. Before that, all but two were held in Hawai’i’s Aloha Stadium. We are entering this new age of legalized sports gambling and I am all for it. Many believe that a time where you can wager from your stadium seat is on the horizon. Can you imagine that? Think of that incredible Saints comeback against the Redskins three years ago. You could have the chance to live bet that game from your seat. As the host of the Big Easy Bets podcast, our forte is betting NCAA and NFL, so we are all for this.

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